Only a few hours by car from the majestic Andes and southern Bolivia and framed by the picturesque, tree-covered Centinela Mountains, Salta’s 600,000 hectares Anta valley produces bountiful yields of soybeans, corn, peanuts and wheat thanks to more than 400,000 of irrigated fields which make the grain production all year round. Due to its northerly location (closer to the equator) the region enjoys a delightful climate that changes little throughout the year.

Recent increases in populations have been so staggering that local farmers consider the dove a serious agricultural plague. According to Argentina´s department of agriculture, over 100 million doves reside in the Anta Valley, making it by far Argentina´s best dove-hunting destination. Progressive farming techniques, including active crop rotation and no-till planting, ensure that tons of waste beans and corn remain available to hungry hordes of doves and pigeons. This grain production is surrounded and interspersed with the forest of the Gran Chaco, which covers northern Argentina, southern Bolivia and eastern Paraguay, providing an environment in which the populations of eared doves flourish to incredible numbers. The millions of voracious doves actually prevent the farmers from producing sunflowers and milo!

Shooting takes place in a variety of settings-one day hunters may be positioned in the midst of a huge roost, the next around the perimeter of a harvested grain field, the next down in the river bottom or over a waterhole.

Sierra Outfitters treats each client as a welcome guest in our home, Argentina. We know that our clients view their visit to Argentina as the fulfillment of a dream that they want to be perfect in every way. Accordingly, our staff of trained professionals adheres to the highest operational and safety standards relative to hunting and lodge services, ensuring unmatched quality in our hunts, fishing trips, meals and accommodations.

As sportsmen ourselves, we understand the level of expectations our guests have while embarking upon an adventure in Argentina. We are proud to offer access to the finest hunting and fishing locations in the country. In Salta, for example, we are the only outfitter operating !

At Sierra Outfitters, we attend to every detail to ensure that our reputation as the sportsman´s ultimate destination in the world remains intact as it has for over 20 years. We invite you to enjoy the natural wonders of our country and join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

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