This is finest duck hunting available in the world at the present time. Adding to these hunts we also do the great and worldwide famous partridge over English pointer dogs.

This is the corn belt area of the Buenos Aires in the most fertile farm land of the country that has been under a big flood in the last year. This slow hill lands make the farmers still plant tremendous corn fields and in the low, and is marches and lagoon.

This situation did not happen in the last 30 years and bring some of the most incredible waterfowl life in the world. Easy to get in the AM hunts over 50 birds per person.
With 12 different duck species this is one the best spots for the real duck hunter.

We hunt in blinds over decoys in the nearby marshes and lagoons.We have amazing perdiz hunts over pointing dogs .
Note: Partridge season runs from May 1st to July 31st.

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