South America’s golden dorado is a rare trophies that few Americans have ever caught and many have never even heard of the specie. Their legendary reputation as a fantastic game fish is well deserved. They punish lures and flies, instantly make multiple acrobatic leaps like a tarpon and make finger-burning runs. The beautiful clearwater mountain rivers of northwestern Argentina-in particular Salta Province– provide habitat to 15-25 pound adult specimens as they migrate up the rivers to spawn, and juvenile fish from 3-15 pounds reside in the rivers year-round. On an average day here, an angler might hook ten to fifteen fish and any fish hooked over five pounds will provide an exciting fight.

Anglers fishing this rivers stay at the San Fernando Lodge which is very close to the Rio Seco, and the del Valle and Dorado rivers. These rivers flow through the «yungas» (rainforest) forming large pools where the fighting Dorado, the «tiger of the river» is found. These crystal clear sand and rock bottom rivers are often small enough that they are easily waded. Anglers can enjoy fly fishing in the warm water without having to use waders, wading boots will do the trick.

The environment is pristine and extremely wild, where the footprints of wild animals and the fly of exotic birds above our heads, will lead us to an incredible adventure. At these rivers, fishermen have the possibility to sight fish for huge «Dorado’s» with light rods and WF lines.

We use 9″ #6 to #8 weight rods with tropical or bass bug floating or intermediate lines and 9″ leaders tapered to 20 lbs with a brace of 20/30 lb wire leader. You need a good pair of wading boots, preferably high over the ankle to prevent injuries while wading over boulders.

Flies are typical baitfish imitations like Clousers, Half and Half, Deceivers, Gurglers, etc. A fishing guide per two anglers. All rivers in Salta are «catch & release» and we use barbless hooks. The fishing season begins on March 15 and ends on December 15.

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