Upon your return to the U.S., the Customs authorities frequently require you to have proof-of-ownership of your firearms. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you take a copy of the purchase receipt, or register your guns with U.S. Customs (personal effects form 4457) prior to your departure from the U.S. This can be accomplished at your international departure city airport. If you plan to bring guns, we recommend you bring two. For chokes, we suggest improved/modified for double guns and modified for single barrels. Screw-in chokes can provide flexibility. Make sure your guns are in good working order before you leave. This is high-volume shooting out in the country and away from gunsmiths. Take extra parts for repair if you have them. If you bring guns keep in mind that all firearms must be transported in lockable hard cases and the firearms must be disassembled. We also suggest a lightweight, storable soft case to carry guns into the field.

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