This magnificent new 40,000 sq. ft. lodge, offers 15 suites bedrooms with private, lovely dining, pool and cocktail areas, shaded patios, gardens, fountains and all of the charm of a European country manor, but with modern comfort and convenience. The lodge sits in a lovely hillside location at the foot of the mountains that form the Andes chain. Cordon Blue chef will serve the best high cuisine dishes. Massage, spa and gym will do Salta lodge the best place to go all year round.

Named one of the best and top hunting and fishing lodges in the world, it is located on the most spectacular environment surrounded by the best dove and pigeon hunting available in the world at the present time and this is because it is in the center of the largest area of farm irrigation in the country, over 1.2 million acres, doing this so that the doves and pigeons do not migrate and therefore the hunt is spectacular all year round

Dining is uniformly terrific, featuring famed Argentine beef, local specialties, game dishes and delightful red wines. A professional massage therapist is available every evening to relax and reinvigorate exhausted limbs and sore shoulders.

Many groups choose to spend a day or two in Salta, the capital city of the province or the wine country are, Cafayate. There are many nonshooting activities such as horseback riding, river rafting, visits to Indian villages, high-altitude train rides, spa treatments, visits to wineries and Jesuit, Dominican and Franciscan historical sites.


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