Santiago lodge heart of the greatest Wingshooting area at just 35 minutes drive from Santiago del Estero airport.

Santiago Lodge looks like the headquarter´s ranch of one of those Classic Argentine Estancias from XIX Century but it is just eight year old. A perfect blend of Old Fashion architecture with modern touches with all the comfort that an International hunter needs.

This Lodge has been built in one of the main Dove fly-way in the area. You will see thousand of dove flying go and back all day long.
Eight comfortable Suit bedrooms with either Queen or King size beds give you the chance to bring a large group of your family and/or friends to live a trip of life time .

Also, we hunt ducks in blinds and European hares. The Patagonian landscape in this area is vast rolling hills that give way to more rugged mountain peaks. In the less tree covered areas, it’s dry with all variety of prickly shrubs, cactus, and grasses that provide perfect cover for massive coveys of California Quail. A good pair of hunting chaps or brush pants is a must to pursue birds in this country; as well as a good pair of boots that cover above the ankles. April and May are autumn in this hemisphere, so you may be leaving for the hunt in crispy morning weather.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email, but if you’d like to get started planning your trip, contact us below and we´ll reply you via email or phone with availability and ideas for trip itineraries.