Jurassic Lake Lodge is located at the Strobel Lake and Barrancoso River, this system is nothing short of a biological anomaly and must be the most prolific trophy rainbow fishery on the planet. The lake itself is a large desert sink lake measuring approximately 20 by 15 km. It is located at approximately 3,000 ft. elevation in the wide open desolate expanse of the Patagonian Steppe. Here the rainbow trout average over 10 pounds with countless fish in the mid-teens as well as good numbers of fish into the 20 + pound class. These fish are extremely stout and most are incredibly strong and acrobatic.

Jurassic Lake Lodge has the good fortune of being located at the mouth of Jurassic lake’s only significant tributary. With no outlet, this is far and away the best location on the lake with anglers stacking up big numbers of big fish virtually every day of the season.

One of the Jurassic Lake Lodge highlights is the Barrancoso River, the only tributary of the big lake. The Barrancoso River is a typical mountain freestone river, with transparent waters and big rocks holding amazing trout in its beautiful pools, pocket waters, flats and runs, for sure the world best river for trophy rainbows!

Season starts on November to April, peak fishing, at Jurassic Lake Lodge is from November through Mid-January. During this time fish concentrate in large numbers in, and around the mouth of, the Barrancoso river allowing anglers to rack up some seriously absurd numbers of fish to hand.  If sheer numbers (or pounds, in this case) of fish is not exactly your thing visiting in early March through April can be incredibly rewarding for many anglers, the lost in quantity is well made up for in quality.  For some reason the late “run” of fish all tend to be in pristine condition – ultra-bright, hard bodied, and turbo charged!

Last season we builded at new lodge and offers 10 comfortable single/double occupancy rooms with private baths and shower, the main house is a spacious living room facing the Lake and mouth of the Barrancoso river. There is satelital TV, satelital phone and unlimited wireless internet access with 24 hours electricity. The Lodge counts also with a private cellar with a great variety of great Argentinian wines.

TheLodge also offers excellent international cuisine, preparing typical Argentinian food as well as the typical Argentinian Barbecues ( Asado ) and the famous Patagonian Lam.

Our new Lodge is the perfect place to relax, taste a great Argentinian Malbec, enjoy our outstanding cuisine and take just a 2 minutes walk for the greatest fishery in the world for trophy rainbows.

One of the most important improvements at the lodge is our new airstrip, located at just 15 min drive from the Lodge. Starting in November 2015, guests on full-week (Saturday-Saturday) packages will fly 1 hour to/from the lodge and the coastal city of Comodoro Rivadavia in a 19 passenger Twin Otter! In the pass, arriving to Jurassic Lake Lodge use to take 7-8 hours through the called “Road to Hell”.

The arrival of the charter flight to the fishing program gives us the chance to offer more fishing days ( Full week program now is of 6,5 fishing days instead of 5 ) for the same price! So I’m sure it’s a very good deal for those anglers who wants to fish this fantastic place.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email, but if you’d like to get started planning your trip, contact us below and we´ll reply you via email or phone with availability and ideas for trip itineraries.